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Other Information


Name Badges

Participants and accompanying persons will receive a name badge. Everyone is requested to wear this badge during the conference to have access to all conference activities.


Internet Facilities

Wireless internet access will be available at the conference sites. The easiest way to connect to the internet is to use Eduroam ( which is available at Kiel University. So, if you work at a university where Eduroam is available, it makes sense to create an account at your home institution so that you can use your own account during the conference.

For all other participants, we will provide a wireless internet access by a personalized username and password. Moreover, you will have access to a computer lab providing free computer use during the conference.


Food during the Conference

The conference fee includes 8 coffee breaks and 4 lunches.

During the coffee breaks, coffee, tea, and water will be provided at the conference site together with cookies, a piece of cake and fruits.

The participants will take their lunch in a well-stocked cafeteria which is next to one of the conference buildings. A variety of dishes will be provided including vegetarian meals and a large salad bar.

Except vegetarian food, the university cafeteria cannot provide special food such as kosher or halal food. The Jewish community in Kiel offers to prepare kosher meals for PME 37 and halal food can be organized via a special restaurant. For making use of this offer, binding reservation is necessary because extra organizational work has to be done. Participants who wish to take kosher or halal meals need to make a binding booking for these meals by an email to before June 30, 2013.

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